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Free Business / Development Ideas & Concepts:

Diamonds & Gemstone mining & manufaturing

SD Group recently secured a Diamond mining concession in southern Angola where we setup operations; acquired mining vehicles; a boat as well as land & river-based diamond recovery equipment. This venture took off profitably with good diamond recoveries; and plans are to expand operations into Namibia, Zimbabwe & Botswana with the purpose of setting-up regional diamond mining & value-addition centres- with the view to enhance local production & employment creation. 

SD Group is currently discussing with various global players in the diamond & gemstone industry to secure off-take / sales contracts / partnerships.

Dr Shanyengana has proposed numerous research, poverty alleviation and business ideas for developing countries - most of which never materialised as planned due primarily to lack of financial backing / the necessary support, etc.

Some such proposals and ideas are displayed here to encourage development of similar projects / research wherever such might apply around the world - particularly in developing countries where many could really benefit from such replicable open-source ideas...

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