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Company Profile:

SD Group is owned by its Executive Chairman Dr. Elias Shanyengana (“Charlie”). The Group owns research, development, commodities, infrastructure & scientific innovation companies (see below) and has made world-class discoveries and developments e.g. a recent world-class Uranium discovery comparable to the top 3 global Uranium mines as well as a notable Heavy Rare Earths deposit. The Chairman has been at the fore-front of scientific developments with some of his earlier work cited in the world’s prime scientific JOURNALS - SCIENCE and NATURE. He has consulted & presented throughout the world; and published more than 200 scientific and popular publications for government, the private sector and international organisations such as the United Nations and European Union. 

All the above has earned him local and international accolades including ‘The Namibian National Science Award 2004 (left picture) aside from numerous others spanning his academic career. He run United Nations, EU and other global outfits such as the EU’s CDE / PRO€INVEST offices in Namibia etc.; Namibia’s Minerals Development Fund (MDF ; and ) as well as Namibian ruling Party Companies.

SD Group also created socio-economic development outfits such as YDi and FEE – that are tasked with conceptualization & financing of youth development initiatives aimed at showcasing how developing countries can go about creating the indispensable critical mass of young entrepreneurs & professionals required to transform their economies into developed State. YDi & FEE being- Youth Development initiatives (a partnership with Namibian ruling party Swapo organs) & FEE: Fund for Economic Emancipation.

See his other companies such as Southern Oil & Gas; Global Oil & Gas; Africa Oil & Gas Traders; Namibia Uranium Mines; Namibia Nuclear Corporation…... that own exploration licences for Oil & gas + Cu, Au, U, Ta & REE in highly prospective Geological regions of Namibia where he's seeking to establish mutually-beneficial partnerships!!

SD Group is the holding company in the following business sectors:


SD Group’s main activities are in mining primarily Uranium, Rare Earths, Copper, Gold and Diamond prospects as well as oil & gas. Namibia is renowned for world-class Uranium and best gem quality diamonds …..making mining the biggest contributor to Namibia's GDP in terms of revenue - 10.4% in 2009, 8.5% in 2010 & 9.5% in 2011. SD Group recently discovered one of the world’s largest Uranium deposits as well as a new Heavy Rare Earth deposit both of which would soon be marketed on this website.


Being a new oil frontier comparable to Brazil 30 years ago, Namibia has attracted all global oil majors; and SD Group acquired and explored numerous local oil blocks with several of these reputable international players. Exploration is ongoing and interested parties are urged to monitor this site for new developments.


SD Group conceptualized and set-up the foremost renewable energies development in Namibia (Gobabeb Training & Research Centre), and is currently pursuing wind energy generation. The Group puts special emphasis on research and development of key natural resources, beneficial waste treatment and exploring opportunities that stand to demonstrate integrated use of grid-connected renewable technologies in Namibia & larger developing world; and how these could be leveraged to attain rural development and poverty alleviation of the larger majority.


Water remains the most critical resource in primarily arid Namibia and the larger Southern n region. SD Group has carried-out research and implemented projects in the water sector including surface and groundwater as well as desalination and fog collection that also constituted Dr. Shanyengana’s PhD and research work for more than 20 years. SD Group is currently working with international partners on viable water supply and management options.


SD Group is currently implementing several property and road construction projects in Namibia. The focus is on ingenious applications that seek to engage poor communities in SD Group’s infrastructure development initiatives with the view to enhance skills development and poverty alleviation. Emphasis is put on acquiring / developing infrastructure development technologies (e.g. roads & housing) that are both durable and easily transferrable for rapid implementation by the rural poor. The Chairman also serves on several boards including the ruling party’s primary transport and infrastructure company- NCH (


Larger Africa and Namibia in particular offers great revenue opportunities within the ICT sector. SD Group has been very active in the introduction of web-based communications and multi-SIM telephony in Namibia – and continues to explore various ICT business options with the view to expand and diversify locally available business opportunities.


Namibia is a country of un-spoilt beauty, unique landscapes, extensive horizons, magnificient deserts, jagged mountains and unique biomes with stunning fauna and flora that offers great tourism & natural products development opportunities. SD Group is currently exploring development of eco-tourism and well-ness centres in key wildlife resorts / areas of Namibia.


Following the chairman’s earlier work on nano research, SDG is currently exploring nano-applications particularly in the sectors that seek to combine western & traditional medicine towards discovery & development of new drugs and health products as well as for numerous other applications.  

Diamonds & Gemstone mining & manufaturing

SD Group recently secured a Diamond mining concession in southern Angola where we setup operations; acquired mining vehicles; a boat as well as land & river-based diamond recovery equipment. This venture took off profitably with good diamond recoveries; and plans are to expand operations into Namibia, Zimbabwe & Botswana with the purpose of setting-up regional diamond mining & value-addition centres- with the view to enhance local production & employment creation. 

SD Group is currently discussing with various global players in the diamond & gemstone industry to secure off-take / sales contracts / partnership


SD Group directly and/or through private efforts of its Executive Chairman, Dr. Shanyengana continues to make material and financial contributions to local, Regional & International educational, poverty-reduction and black emancipation efforts.


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